Bowling 3-pack

Design by Skogstad, Homstvedt, Anderssen & Voll


Ships within two weeks

Bowling designed by Skogstad, Homstvedt and Anderssen & Voll, shows impeccable workmanship in a series of wooden bowls. The design pushes the extremes of turning wood as the solid ash wall is forced to a very minimum while leaving a soft gripping rim at the top. Stained in soft colours of pink, white or gray the bowls are waxed and polished creating a deep glowing finish. The visible ash grain gives the bowls a beautiful wooden feel.

Pink (small), White (medium) and Grey (large)

Diameter S 15 / M 20 / L 25 cm
Height S 7,5 / M 10,5 / L 9,0 cm
Weight S 0,3 / M 0,4 / L 0,5 kg
Material Lacquered Ash


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